DCFS Needs Portal


The DCFS Needs Portal is designed to assist families who have had their children removed access services more quickly.  We do this through a computer-based system that allows caseworkers to record the needs of the family.  Service providers are able to view these needs and let the caseworker know that they have an opening for a particular service.  In essence, the Needs Portal is a direct line between caseworkers and child welfare service providers.

Currently the Needs Portal is being used with the Torrance and South County Regional DCFS offices in Los Angeles County with families involved in the child welfare system.

The goals of the Needs Portal are to: (1) reduce the length of time from referral to services and service initiation; (2) reduce the length of time children are placed out of home; and (3) increase reunification rates for families. 


See http://newsroom.ucla.edu/stories/ucla-professor-connects-l-a-social-workers-and-service-providers-through-new-website

DCFS Needs Portal Research Brief: Assessing Service Requests and Gaps for Child Welfare Families (April 2015)